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In the quest to boost their SEO rank, people often use shortcuts and build backlinks on low-quality websites. Rather than enhancing your results, that approach will only get you penalized by Google. If you want to get the most from your effort, use guest posting, press releases and offer discounts to certain organizations.


Cleveland Digital Billboard: An Advertising Alternative –
A successful business doesn’t just retain current customers—it attracts new ones, by expanding its advertising reach. Conventional billboards can be effective, but are not without their disadvantages. Outdoor mobile advertising agencies, such as Ohio’s Ads in Motion Outdoor, provide a great alternative: digital mobile billboards, which harness the best of traditional print media and digital technology to capture customers in real time.

Cleveland SEO

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The Cleveland SEO Blog provides the latest updates on search engine optimization and news on the internet industry. It aims to help organizations improve their branding and be top on the search engine results.

Geotagging your images just might make the old adage that “A picture is a worth a thousand words” come true. Geotagging – adding geographical information to a picture – is useful for more than documenting where you’ve been. It’s also a simple, yet effective tactic, with which to round out your local SEO strategy. You’ll learn exactly what geotagging entails, how to geotag images on a variety of devices – and why it should be part of your approach to local search engine optimization!

Ohio-based digital marketing agency expands services to eight new cities.