If your Akron-area business lacks a strong online presence and a well-designed website, you’re missing out on a large segment of your potential customer base! From vision and intention, to the importance of compelling content and more, Danny Todd – The Akron SEO Guy – will walk you through the five steps toward a successful Akron web design strategy.


Doing SEO Akron Style Can Give You That Competitive Edge

The Akron SEO Guy – The Akron-area branch of the top-tier Cleveland SEO Guy – is a full-service Akron SEO expert and search engine optimization firm. It’s owned and operated by Danny Todd, who uses his ten-plus years of SEO and Internet marketing experience to help local Akron, Ohio businesses just like yours succeed online.

Your business is built on hard work and integrity – but if you can’t be found on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, you’re missing out on a fast-growing segment of online customers!

The Akron SEO Guy

Doing SEO Akron Style: The Akron SEO Guy is a search engine & social media optimization expert making the right MOVES to Page #1 results.

SEO Chicago Style: The Chicago SEO Guy is a search engine & social media optimization expert making the right MOVES to Page #1 results.

Some people erroneously equate “page rank” with SERP placement, and assume that your page’s “page rank” means its position in search results.

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It takes a lot to stand out in a world awash with neon light. What happens in Vegas should no longer stay in Vegas – by utilizing the Las Vegas SEO guy’s services – from professional web design to search engine optimization, social media marketing to PPC and more…